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                                                “All the incidents related here, whether sad,

                                            frustrating or inconclusive, are unfailingly compelling.”

                                                                                            -- Publisher’s Weekly

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                                               “A tincture for the soul, delivered with an elegant

                                            bedside manner.”

                                                                                                                -- JAMA

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                                               ”At a time when Americans have grown cynical about health-care, this film affirms

                                                                    that poetry and art can build understanding and compassion between doctor and

                                                                    patient and help facilitate healing among the most critically ill.”

                                                                                                                                                                             -- PBS

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                                                                 key word: Healing words


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                                                    “each poem (has) a precision of purpose: to unveil

                                               the architecture of a haunting moment.”

                                                                                                --  Ronald Palmer

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                                                        “the reader (becomes) an active participant in a highly

                                                rapturous moment, a moment of discovering the unknown“

                                                                                                    -- The Bitter Oleander

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                                                                “here we find poems that are beautiful, perplexing,

                                                strangely satisfying in their intense foray into

                                                compression, poems that each in his own way opens

                                                toward the ecstatic.”

                                                            -- brian davis, judge, sunken garden poetry festival

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                                                   “David Watts explores the many meanings of making:

                                                  love, poetry, the deepening of love through grief, and

                                                 the intense drama of making a child.”

                                                                                    -- edward Kleinschmidt Mayes

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                                                    “I love these poems for presenting the horrifying

                                                  fragility of our existence and the incredible resilience

                                                  and strength with which we meet our individual fates.”

                                                                                               -- Len Roberts


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