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                                                                                                of the third eye



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    best american doctor                                                                              shown to find

                                                                                                                       17-32% more polyps

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                                                  Clinical Professor of medicine, UCSF


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         From his thirty years of experience in the practice of internal medicine and gastroenterology, Dr. David Watts has designed an ideal arrangement of services and health care access that insures intelligent, compassionate and up-to-date medical care along with a strong emphasis on prevention.

           In recognition of excellence in clinical medicine he has been selected as one of the top 5% of American physicians by three separate organizations.

America’s Top Physicians, chosen by committee:

Best Doctors, chosen by peers:

Patient’s Choice Award and Most Compassionate Doctor Recognition, chosen by patients:

The Third Eye retroscope



             in 2001 entrepreneurs from silicone valley approached dr. watts asking for ideas to develop in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy. Dr. watts provided three suggestions off the top of his head. the entrepreneurs went out and built a medical instrument company called avantis. . .

              . . . and developed the first of his three ideas, the third eye retroscope.

                    this device, which produces a rear-view image to assist the gastroenterologist in investigating all surfaces of the colon, has been shown to improve the polyp finding ability of standard colonoscopy by 17-32%, meaning that more potentially dangerous polyps are found at screening procedures and more lives will ultimately be saved by the addition of this device in standard practice. this tool is currently being used in selective centers across the usa and europe. Dr. watts is the first practitioner to offer this service in san francisco.


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