Do Palma, artist, and harvey Ellis, poet

           the harvey ellis poem, ancestors, was read by garrison keillor on his npr program, the writers almanac, in autumn of 2009. do palma was listening out in idaho and contacted me by way of npr to inquire if she could make an art quilt inspired by the poem. what resulted is pictured above, a collaborative art piece which has been exhibited in various galleries and appears as shown on do palma’s website.


                          here’s the link to Garrison’s reading:                          

    Chris casey, jazz pianist, and david watts, poet

           following the 2011 sunken garden poetry reading and jazz concert, casey and watts went into studio in hartford connecticut and cut this album. what distinguishes this collaborative effort is that both jazz and poetry have a stand-alone quality and there is a musical inflection within the reader’s voice in response to the music. what results is a form of auditory experience in which the music and the words are in conversation with each other.


    Robert markison, jazz musician and composer

       with joan baranow and david watts, poets

        one christmas during my internship at the university of california hospitals in san francisco i was singing some carols for those who were still patients in the hospital. over my shoulder i heard a high-pitched, sweet and shockingly beautiful descant being played over the top of our singing and turned to see this resident, clothed in surgical greens, playing a sopranino recorder he had just pulled from his pocket. His name was bob markison. we decided then and there we must do a collaboration someday. it only took us thirty years to get around to it. this wild and crazy collaboration, powerful seeds, spontaneously created in a few days during the year 2000, is the result.

   Joe Dragert, print artist, and David Watts, Poet

            hine editions & limestone press, of San Francisco, makers of hand printed art books, offered in the mid 1990‘s to do an art broadside that included the poem, “fragment at the beginning of something” and a print from the artist and printmaker, joe dragert. The collaborative piece is printed on archival linen and measures 15 x 24 inches.